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We’re a Liverpool based web design company with a creative team dedicated to working with you to bring your site alive in ways you may not have considered before.

At iprogress our expertise lies in content-managed websites, enhancing ecommerce, email marketing and search engine optimisation to make sure you’re reaching the people you need to in order to maximise your business’s full potential.

To us the key to designing a successful website is by understanding exactly what our client needs it to do, so we spend time getting to know you and your business and ensure that we’re thinking the way you’re thinking.

Your website is your first point of contact to potential clients so we want the impact to be immediate and lasting because every visitor could be a new customer and we hate to see a valuable marketing tool going to waste.

We design sites to the highest standard, no matter what they’re used for – an online store, an image-rich brochure site or a content-managed site. Each one is a labour of love for the team and we hope that shows in the end product.

We also want as many people to see it as possible, which is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in. Have you stopped to consider how many of the services you offer are ranked in the top ten in search engines? We can help you to reach markets you didn’t even know about just by carefully choosing the search terms people will be using to find what you’re offering. We consider keyword research to be vital and we offer it free.

iprogress is a small agency with a big vision. We’ve kept the team to eight members deliberately because it means that the agency principals, Directors Peter Aland and Darren Walker, can be deeply involved with every project that we undertake because attention to detail is everything to us.

Keeping the creative input and energy of the Directors is vital for us in delivering the kind of digital solutions we offer to the high standard we’ve set for ourselves.

We were founded in 2007 and initially we were working with small and medium-sized businesses in Liverpool, but these days our list of clients include much larger organisations -although the ethos is the same whoever we’re working for.

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Our Web Design Methodology

To us building a great site is a six phase process;

webdesign-sixstepsStep One is analysis where we discuss exactly what you need and how the site is going to work. This can include details like where the site will be hosted and what level of support you need for it.

Step Two is the specification you require where we outline every feature, explaining how it is going to work. This is also the phase where cost is finalised and the timescale we’re working to is agreed.

Step Three is the design phase where we make concepts for the site. Each one we design is available to preview and we’ll work through all amendments with you.

Step Four is the build. We take the agreed designs and construct the site around them on our development servers, making sure you’re involved at key milestones along the way.

Step Five is testing of the fully functional site. The tests are carried out by our designers and by the client so that we can jointly compile a “bug list” and iron out any difficulties.

Step Six is maintenance which we see as a continuation – and often starts the whole process again from Step One if any new or additional features are required.

We’d like to work with you, give us a call and let’s get started.

Our services

  • Web Design

    Web Design

    Your web site is the most important marketing tool you have, don't waste it.

  • Ecommerce


    We can build your shop - sell products now on-line from your very own secure store.

  • S.E.O.


    Get your site ranked high in all major search engines to enhance your website’s visibility.

  • Emarketing


    Keep customers up to date with your latest services with a professional email.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Set up and integrate your social media channels into your websites.

  • Responsive


    Your website deserves to look its best across computers, consoles, tablets and smartphones.

  • Retina Ready

    Retina Ready

    Creating scalable, future proof images for modern displays

An Open Source C.M.S.

open sourceOne of our great passions – and one of the key principles iprogress was built on – is the use of open source software.

Open source is a collaborative process that can involve the thousands of developers who are working on the same type of platform across the globe. Knowledge is all the more powerful when it is a shared commodity and that’s how some of the really great ideas have evolved. So if we design a function for a website that works beautifully as a targeted solution we’ll share it – and that’s something we’re extremely proud of.

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