Top tips to make your WordPress ecommerce site user friendly


WordPress is great for creating any type of website for business. It’s easy to use and customise and is flexible so that it can grow with new businesses. So when you’re ready to make the move from static content to an online shop, WordPress and Woocommerce are an ideal ecommerce choice.

The user experience is really important when you create your WordPress e-commerce site. If it takes too long for someone to find a product, or to check out, they’ll abandon their purchase.

Top tips for improving your WordPress e-Commerce site

While simple plugins can take care of the complex back-end processing of purchases in WordPress, the design is something that you have to spend more time developing.

The user experience for e-commerce sites is really important: the design affects how easy it is to use the website. Don’t be put off, though! Web design for WordPress e-commerce doesn’t have to be complicated, but if it scares you then consider hiring a web design company.

When you hire your web designer for the job, make sure you talk about the following points with them, and you’ll have a sleek WordPress online shop in no time.

Have clear product photography

You may have a designer making your website look fancy, but this one’s up to you. Supply your designer with top-notch product photos to make your website look professional.

Good product photos should be taken in brightly lit conditions, from all angles. Ideally, you should also include images of your product being used or worn, so that buyers can more easily visualise using the product themselves.

If you don’t have the right setup for product photos, such as a lightbox and DSLR camera, consider hiring a professional product photographer. The initial cost will be worth it when you have hundreds of high-quality photos that help to sell your wares!

Make products easy to find with categories

When a buyer visits a website, they usually have in mind at least the type of product they want to buy. Having clear categories in your menu and your search function will help them to find what they want with ease.

This will keep your buyer in the purchase cycle: too many delays or a difficult journey while trying to find the product they want will make them abandon their purchase.

Showcase your most popular products at the top of each category, too, so that they are easy to find. You can work with your web designer to create stylish and eye-catching graphics that draw the eye to special category-specific promotions, too.

Create a simple checkout process

Buyers want to click as few times as possible, and they don’t want to enter their details over and over again.

A simple checkout process should take a few steps at most. Consider integrating plugins such as PayPal to improve the simplicity of your checkout.

Your web designer should also be able to create clear drop-down menus, easy-to-navigate address fields, and a quick-view order overview page before purchase. These functions will all speed up the checkout process and leave you with happy customers.

Allow for ‘out of stock’ email requests

Have you ever lusted after a product only to see the dreaded “out of stock” label next to it?

Improve your customer experience by installing an ’email me when it’s back in stock’ button. This will help customers stay loyal to you, and is also a great lead capture tool. You could email customers with a confirmation that you’ll send them updates of the product when it’s back in stock – and then include promotions or ‘related products you may be interested in’ to help encourage them to return to buy.

Include product reviews

Product reviews are a very strong selling tool. People trust other people more than they trust a company! So if customers can see a review section for each product, they’ll be able to make an informed decision about buying the item.

Your web designer can help you to include review sections in an attractive and easy-to-read way, such as using a star-rating system, so that customers can make quick decisions on whether they want to make that purchase.

Find a web designer for your WordPress e-commerce site

If all of the above sounds overwhelming, it’s time to call the specialists. When you get in touch with your web design agency, ask them about all of the points above. If they can’t help you, continue to research for the best web design agency in your area who’ll be able to set up a sleek WordPress e-commerce site to help boost your sales.

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