5 WordPress trends to watch in 2018


With WordPress’s growth continuing and its popularity never seeming to subside, 2018 will be an important year for the web creation tool and CMS. With its huge update, WordPress 5.0, on the horizon and a 15th birthday in order, we’re expecting to see some big changes, trends and a whole new WordPress editor taking the spotlight. Read on and find out the five latest trends that we’re going to be keeping an eye on in 2018.

1. Big changes to admin UI

One of the most exciting things about WordPress 5.0 is the change in dynamic that it will bring to the admin user interface. One of the most talked about updates of 5.0 is the new and improved blog post and page editor that will make creating new content quicker, easier and more fun. For bloggers and websites that require lots of content, this is especially good news and could potentially change the way that people post content as well as the type of content that is being used. If you have an account, head to WordPress.com to preview the features.

2. Heavyweight themes

The days when WordPress could only handle simple blogs are long gone, with the CMS now hosting eCommerce stores, heavy-duty news sites and everything in between. We’re expecting to see a rise in the need for functional and versatile themes that can build advanced, multi-tasking websites.

2017’s demand for more inspirational content across all business platforms has seen a rise in more elegant blogs and galleries, as well as aesthetically pleasing storefronts and landing pages. WordPress will answer this demand by offering an influx of themes that have intelligent page builders to fit individual company’s needs. With certain themes already having built-in checkout systems and shopping carts, we can expect plenty more features like this ahead.

3. Improved UX and micro-interactions

Microinteractions are on the rise, with 2017 seeing them become utilised across plenty of websites including fashion, food and product. An easy way to encourage upsell, provide users with extra information and generate more interest and user stickiness, micro-interactions are essentially small interactions built into a website that improve UX. Simply said, they make websites seem more fun and look more appealing. We’re excited to see how WordPress will incorporate this into the next year.

4. More VR-Based Websites

Will it be gone or still here in five years? Some are still undecided when it comes to VR. However, it’s starting to trickle into every digital aspect of marketing and websites are about to get the VR treatment. With so many devices, gadgets and digital tours being developed to support VR, we’re expecting to see most websites offering VR support in some way or another. WordPress does already support some VR devices, including Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. However, there have been no exciting VR WordPress themes created as of yet. To fit in with the VR trend, we’d like to see WordPress incorporate VR videos, image galleries and product tours that will utilise already available plugins. Watch this space.

5. Colour, colour and more colour

Duotone seemed to be the love of 2017 web design, commanding audience attention and seeing users spend longer on pages. As well as uses of colour on websites, the tonal pallette’s that brands are currently using seem to be becoming brighter and bolder. Millennial pink looks to have staying factor as an alternative to white and neutral shades but expect to see plenty of neon pinks, greens, purples and blues make their way into headlines, site titles and page backgrounds in 2018 web design.

For more inspiration, head to our blog and find out how your company can make digital waves in 2018.

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