Internet Explorer 6 – time to go!


Cross-browser compatibility is one of the most complex issues when it comes to web-development. Web standards are usually consistent, however no browser is perfect and particularly older browsers continually surprise us with their ‘creative’ rendering of (X)HTML/CSS-code. Internet explorer 6 is the ‘king of thorns’ in a coders side (11% of users still in Dec 09) and version 8 has been upon us for nearly a year. Still we need to make sure that all visitors to your web-site have the same experience, so testing code can sometimes be an frustrating event at iprogress towers and the ‘swear box’ donations can certainly mount up.

So this week we read with interest a little article that hopefully may force sensible people to upgrade:

Certa, a French agency that studies cyber attacks, yesterday warned users against all versions of IE and advised them to switch to browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Microsoft insisted Internet Explorer 8 was the ‘most secure browser on the market’. The company admitted last week that a previously unknown flaw in its browser was the weak link used in attacks by hackers who attempted to break into the e-mail accounts of human rights activists in China. It insisted that general users were not at risk.

Cliff Evans, head of security and privacy, said that only the older Internet Explorer 6 was targeted in the attack. Surfers visiting a compromised website could see their computer infected by a ‘Trojan horse’, allowing criminals to take control of the computer and steal information.

There has been a growing effort by many organisations in recent years to persuade users to stop using the outdated Internet Explorer 6, which many feel causes security issues and is impeding the development of the web.

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