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13 Jun

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RSS and Blogs have been hot topics of the moment. Seems like everyone is talking about it and there is much hype about them.

But where there’s hype – there’s interest!

And with good reason – Blogs and RSS were the break out technology of 2005. Those who do not take full advantage of it will be left behind.

If you need convincing – here are 10 reasons why you should put them on your site:

  1. It’s easy and fast! Not to mention Free! You can use a free service like Blogger and publish your Blog and RSS feed within minutes. You can even place or publish your Blog/RSS Feed on your own site without knowing ‘html’ or ‘xml’. It’s all done for you!
    Repeat – it’s simple to use and very convenient. Publishing your blog is only a few clicks away.
  2. Syndicate Your Content. RSS stands for ‘really simple syndication’ and it’s just another way of passing along your information. With the popularity of ‘MyYahoo’ ‘Internet explorer 7’ and the ‘Firefox’ browser (which have built-in RSS feed readers) – syndicating your content has gotten even simpler.
  3. Get Your Content Indexed. Using blogs to publish your content is a neat way of side stepping the regular indexing procedure. It gets your content indexed very quickly in most of the search engines.
    Search Engines are constantly on the lookout for ‘fresh content’ – these ‘link rich’ blogs are a good source of this content. Because blogs are on specific topics – they have a concentrated source of good quality informational material to serve up!
  4. Instant Contact. Blogs give you instant contact with your readers or viewers. We live in an ‘instant’ society – we want everything five minutes ago. Blogs provide this instant gratification. Readers or viewers using RSS have an instant link to your information or postings.
    RSS Feeds will instantly spread your information to all interested parties – bringing in targeted traffic.
  5. Building Your List. People who pick up your RSS feed or add you to their blog or site – become your subscribers. You are really building your contact list. Have a popular blog or RSS Feed and you can build a large targeted contact list very quickly.
    It might not replace your old opt-in email list – but it can be a lucrative addition to it! Take advantage of all those targeted contacts.
  6. Link Building. Blogs are link heavens! Build your links thru blogs. All these links will boost your link popularity and increase your search engine rankings.
    Plus, by giving viewers/readers a way of adding your RSS Feed creates targeted links to your site. This reason alone is why your site should have RSS!
  7. Viewer/Subscriber Feedback. Instant feedback from your subscribers or viewers is easy with blogs. Creating trust and credibility is so much easier when there is immediate communication between the two parties.
  8. Keyword Content Building. Blogs are especially good for building ‘keyword targeted content’ for your site. All these links will boost your keyword rankings in the search engines. Google places a high value on ‘anchor text’ and blogs are a good place to put all those links.
    You can also start different blogs targeted at ‘specific related keywords’ covering the major topics of your site. Again, search engines love related keyword linking so you can boost your site’s rankings by using blogs.
  9. Monetize Your Content. Blogs are an excellent way of monetizing your content. Blog sites like Eblogger (owned by Google) even encourages you to use the ‘adsense code’ in your blogs. If you have a popular blog – this may bring in extra income.
    Plus, publishing your ezine or newsletter in a blog can bring in revenue for months if not years to come. All those affiliate links and product promotions get indexed by the search engines and become accessible to a wider audience, i.e. market.
  10. Because Everyone Else is Doing It! Might sound a bit ‘Jonesish’ but you do have to keep up with what other web sites are doing. To remain competitive – you MUST enhance the content on your site.

Sites without the ‘blog’, ‘RSS’ or ‘xml’ button/link will be the exception rather than the rule in just a few years. It’s simply another way of getting your information ‘out there’. It’s an opportunity and advantage that you cannot afford to miss. Proceed without them at your own risk or you could ask us to help you out.

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